5-Year-old is a Neighborhood Hero For Drawing Colorful Messages of Hope on Her House During Lockdown

5-Year-old is a Neighborhood Hero For Drawing Colorful Messages of Hope on Her House During Lockdown

A little girl has become famous in her neighbourhood after drawing colourful messages of hope on her family’s garage door in lockdown.

Mom-of-two Christine Hilditch has been letting her five-year-old daughter Eilidh turn their black glossy garage door into a massive art project.

Twice a week since April 2020, Eilidh has let her imagination run wild, covering the space with mermaids, dolphins, Spiderman, and dinosaurs.

She has this week illustrated it with a rainbow, flowers, and the word ‘Hope’ as lockdown is further eased in Scotland.

Eilidh has a little stool she can stand on to help her reach higher up, and her artist mom gives her a hand with things she struggles to reach.

People stop them in the street to ask if the drawings are hers, and an adoring fan club has begun leaving boxes of chocolates on their doorstep.

Proud mom Christine said: “Whatever comes into her head she does… It could be quite random, one week we had a fairytale as she had been learning about them at school so there was a fairy godmother and it began ‘Once upon a time’ and ended ‘Happily ever after’.

“She did poppies for Remembrance Day, and one for Valentines’ Day. It depends on what is happening around her.”

When neighborhood shops ran out of chalk, rather than paying more for it online, Christine decided to make some from scratch using plaster of Paris, food coloring, poster paint, and flour.

Christine added: “She is just drawing outside to make people happy.”

Christine has already worn out one broom by scrubbing down the garage but when it rains the chalk is washed away, and Eilidh starts from scratch on the next dry day.

In August Eildih was rushed to hospital by ambulance after she flew off a roundabout in a playpark and broke her elbow, needing an operation to fix it.

Christine said: “She was learning how to draw with her left hand, she just wanted to keep going. She was going into P1 [first grade] so she was really anxious about not being able to do stuff. Now she can write with her left hand as well as her right.”

Eilidh is now loving being back at school as lockdown in Britain eases. And one thing is for sure—this little girl is no doubt excelling her art classes.